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Théâtre des Champs-Elysées is a unique venue combining opera, classical music and dance programs performed by internationally renowned artists and companies.

Your generous contribution allows us to create thrilling performances, support rising young stars and introduce classical music to new audiences. Deepen your connection to us and help ensure this unparalleled art form remains a vital and meaningful part of our community for generations to come.

Join a generous and dedicated group of Théâtre des Champs-Elysées patrons and enjoy exclusive access and opportunities while deepening your knowledge and appreciation of  opera, classical music and dance.

Join the Patrons’ Circle! We will be happy to welcome you.

Upcoming Patrons’ Circle events:

Patrons’ Dinner

January 16 2017

What our patrons say:

Yesterday evening was magical! Our guests were enchanted, completely under the Theatre’s charm, and your special welcome had a lot to do with it! We’re delighted to have shared this special event with you.

Nicole LamsonSecrétaire Générale - Rise Conseil

Bravo for the wonderful evening you organised! Everything was top notch: the music, the food and the people we met! I was privileged to meet Michael Spyres. He’s wonderfully exuberant, cheerful, funny and unpretentious. We had a great talk at our table.

Annick GoubaAGC Conseil

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